Oliveira e Carmo – Corvette

Oliveira e Carmo

Oliveira e Carmo

Oliveira e Carmo broke down on the heliport area when the ship was sunken. The stern area is missing and you can easily see the different levels of the wreck. Some years later, the ship fell on the starboard side, creating an incredible perspective when navigating inside. The inner spaces are very interesting. You can move from big rooms with broad entrances to narrow corridors, that required more experience divers. This wreck has a maximum depth of 28m and is worth the visit. It is perfect for recreational dives, as well as technical levels of Advanced Wreck, Advanced Nitrox and decompresion procedures.

COMMON SPECIES: Gorgonia, spider crab, nudibranch, conger eel, scorpion fish, octopus, cuttlefish and squid

TYPE: Shipwreck


Difficult Level: Medium

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