Almeida Carvalho – Hydrographic

Almeida Carvalho

Almeida Carvalho

In 2018, after a storm, this ship fell to starboard. However, once inside this incredible wreck, it is clear that nothing has been damaged, the passages are wide with plenty of lighting, stairs and different multilevel profiles. Once inside, it is possible to traverse the whole length of the ship. With a maximum depth of 28m and 64m in length, this dive is an excellent option for the second immersion. It is worth remembering that on this ship technical diving with the use of reels is more than welcome since it is possible to do it at an average depth of 17m.

COMMON SPECIES: Gorgonians, crabs, nudibranchs, conger eel, scorpion fish, octopus.

TYPE: Shipwreck


Difficult level: Medium

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