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If diving has always been your dream, then you are at the right place! At WeDive, you will find a team dedicated to make your dreams come true and discover the wonderful underwater world!

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We Dive Every Day! The Lagos region offers a wide variety and options of diving spots, from walls filled with life, archaeological artifacts to shipwrecks. Depths from 8 to 35 meters and available for all levels of diver.


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We dive every day. We will make your dive a safe and unforgettable experience. Come dive with us!

  • Ocean Revival

    4 impressive ship wrecks

    Algarves World Class European diving destination attracts underwater tourists of all over the world.

    Hermenegildo Capelo

    Frigatedepth 33m

    Oliveira e Carmo

    Corvettedepth 28m

    Almeida Carvalho

    Hydrographicdepth 33m


    Patrol Vesseldepth 28m
  • Rocha Negra

    Multilevel divedepth 16 meter

    A wall that offers a multilevel dive profile. It is advisable to use a flashlight to see the life hidden in the recesses of the rock.

  • Porto de Mos Wall

    The Walldepth 18 meter

    Great rocky elevation. This place creates a perfect environment for conger eel and morays due to the porosity of the rock. The use of a flashlight is recommended.

  • Âncoras

    Rock formationsdepth 17 meter

    Archaeological diving site where you can see anchors from 17th, 18th an 19th century. The possibility of diving between rock formations, draws much attention to this point.

  • Pedras Altas

    Rock formationsdepth 18 meter

    Rock formation in “Canyon”. Place that provides the sensation of free flight between large stones.

  • Propeller's Paradise

    The Desert – Wreckdepth 12 meter

    It is an unidentified wreck, probably a tugboat. Wreckage around a five-bladed propeller. Surrounded by sand it becomes a true oasis for marine life.

  • Grutas Ponta da Piedade

    The Cavedepth 12 meter

    A diving site within the caves of Ponta da Piedade. It is a ceiling dive with several passages between tunnels, full of small fish and lobsters in the holes in the rocks. The use of a flashlight is recommended.

  • Martelo

    Rockydepth 12 meter

    Rock formation near Ponta da Piedade, has a depth variation between 5 and 12m. Excellent spot for photography.

  • Cortinas

    Rock formationsdepth 15 meter

    Rocky elevation approximately 3 meters high. This wall has a slope that forms a ceiling environment that hides a lot of life.

  • Canavial

    The shallow onedepth 8 meter

    A combination of stone, sand, and ranging from 3 – 8m in depth, makes this place perfect for training dives and baptisms. It is also a good option to combine diving and snorkeling experiences.

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Our Amazing Team

WeDive has a multicultural team with SSI and Padi training.

Nuno Oliveira

Instructor Trainer

Roy Woodruff


João Pedro Freire

Instrutor TDI / Instructor Trainer DAN

Federico Espinosa

SSI/Padi Instructor

Elena Llorens

Scuba Diving Instructor

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